Gallery & Races

Kansas City Marathon 2010

Carson @ 5.5 Mile

J&E Finish lIne

Janette ran its half-marathon

Buffalo, NY 2012 (six weeks after running the hot Boston Marathon) 3:05. 8 time (7:03 pace and Placed top 50 finish 4th in division)

3m Half-Marathon 2012

Boston Marathon 2011 below

Boston Finish Line

Lunar 5k 2011

Sugar Land 30k 2010 below

Memphis Marathon 2010

Tupelo 14.2 Miler

Below: 3rd place divisional trophy at the Tupelo 14.2 Miler

2009 Little Rock Half-Marathon


2010 Oklahoma City Marathon

Zoom and Crop

2010 Little Rock Marathon

Houston Earth Day 5k

Austin Half-Marathon 2011

12929042Seabrook Half-Marathon 2013 (3rd Overall). Very hot day. 1:27 (6:37 pace)

Seabrook Half-Marathon (2011)

First Mile

Alex 5k (2011)

Above: Tupelo 14 miler 2011. Hot 5 AM start; I was slow. 6th overall/1st in division. Janette set a PR.

Above: Wichita, Kansas Marathon 2011

Above: New Orleans’ Half-Marathon. I had a high finish here. (March 2012)

Dallas Race w:Janette

Dallas Race Finish

Above: The Dallas Marathon with Janette. (December 2012) Temps were 70 degrees at the start; I knew I was in trouble by mile 6 when a 6:48 felt hard. I struggled to finish at 7:14 pace — 3:10 time.