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I am interested to see how my running will continue in North Andover. I accepted a residential faculty position in the history department at the Brooks School, a well-established boarding school just north of Boston. I believe I will be okay, though the new faculty position with my coaching and residential responsibilities will force me to be even more disciplined. I am pretty good about getting up very early to get my AM miles in; I am also good about my PM miles on days in which Karl scheduled a double. I suspect the new challenge will be fine. I am looking forward to it as I hope to up my miles to an all-time high. My body is ready for it.

As for the Boston Marathon 2014, it will be my 4th after qualifying in Dallas and again in Boston. And living up the road from Boston makes travel simple. I am – 4 min 52 sec in my qualifying time. I ran into problems in both of my last two races. The big question will be winter training. I am set to log a number of miles on the treadmill. No worries there. I already log a number of miles on that darn thing at times.