While leading a history institute in the state of Oklahoma, I discovered for the first time that I had up to three male participants who love to run. After day one, I joined both Mike and Ton for an easy 10 mile run. We did not push the pace too much seeing that we started at 5:30 and it was still very warm. Today, my sessions were cancelled due to a crazy storm that brought winds up to 80 MPH. That is some crazy stuff there. So, my new buddy Tom elected to join me for a mid-week medium long rum. Tom is faster than me, and he is far more experienced. He has done and won ultra marathons, as well as competed in a number of road races.

The goal today was to do 13 miles at 7:24 pace. And that is what we did. If you throw the 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down, our run total was 15 miles; we hit the last mile at 6:58 pace. I bit fast but it felt great. Getting some of these runs in now feels great as I gear up for the Philly Marathon (I think) in mid November.