I am mucho behind on a number of race reports. I hope to get caught up soon. Here is a victory picture of me winning the Moody Garden’s Half-Marathon on November the 18th, 2012. I was the overall winner for the first time in a race of this distance. I will say more about this later.

Above: Giving the crowd my post-race thoughts

Above: Accepting my award

Great medal and nice award.

Holiday Half 2It ways warm as I raced the last 300 meters. It was not the most competitive race. I found myself running alone and out in front for 10 miles. It was nice being treated like a rock star — I must admit; and seeing that I am only getting faster (the name of my blog), I do believe I will win again. My focus is now is to correct my short comings. The course had a number of turns seeing that it was in Moody Gardens. And, I am sure it was a short course. Thus, I had to make some time adjustments. In the end, this was a race to prep for the Dallas Marathon. I will not be winning that race.

Holiday Half