Great training week last week. The two high lights were the progression run and my long run. I blogged a bit about my progression run. My long run was not overly difficult, but it felt good to complete. I am not sure I really consider any run under 17 miles a difficult long run. My body has adjusted easily to high volume weeks and workouts. I am more than convinced that I could easily manage 100 mile weeks.

As for the long run, I ran the first 10 miles at 7:55 per mile pace. I then hit the last 5 miles roughly around a 6:55 pace. I easily and quickly recovered from that workout. Traveling home a great deal of late due to family matters adds a bit of pressure to the weekly miles; however, running seems to be the one thing I get planned in advance (not really). The rest of last week was made up of a number of easy recovery runs. I did hit the track on Tuesday (Oct. 25) for 5 x 1 mile repeats at 6:15 per mile pace. No problem with that workout.