On Thursday, I did a 10 mile progression run with two of my stronger cross-country runners. Because they are not used to the distance, they were a bit freaked; however, both finished very strong. We hit the first mile at 8 min 15 sec per mile pace. Afterwards, we dropped our time 15 seconds per mile. The goal was to hit mile 10 at 6 min per mile pace. Again, the distance with the speed was a bit much for cross-country runners who are not used to that distance, but they held in well. Our per mile splits: 8:15, 8:00, 7:45, 7:30, 7:15, 7:00, 6:45, 6;30; 6:18, 6:45.
This type of training run is great because it conditions your legs when they are tired late in a race. It was a great training run.