Wow!!! I have been MIA for a bit; I will try to get back on the ball here and post more. I need to thank my buddy Dan and Jason for reminding me that I do have a blog. Mucho stuff has taken place since I last posted a piece. I Hope to publish my last two race reports: Boston 2012 — the really hot race, and Buffalo 2012 — the race that I had to quickly enter just to qualify for Boston 2013. Speaking of Boston 2013, I have submitted my application and should hear back soon as to if I got in or not; I am pretty sure I did. Did I say that I am running the Dallas Marathon on December 9th? I am. I am hoping that this is my breakout race. We shall see; it will be very interesting. It will be my 9th marathon and very first one in the state of Texas.

Tuesday workout was really easy. I did 6 x 800 meter repeats at 3 minutes each. I was not pushing the pace too much with more miles to run and a 5k race this Saturday. I am thinking that was roughly a 5 min 45- 50 sec pace. A bit slower than usual.