I am not sure what to think or what to say. I have struggled a bit with a high degree of frustration. I am highly fit and aimed to run the best and by far the fastest marathon ever. That was my thinking two weeks ago; however, that has changed. Monday’s Boston Marathon race will take place on what will be a record day temperature wise. Currently the highs are at 87 degrees, which means the temps will already be in the 70s when the gun fires. Thus, my aim to run in the upper 6:40s per mile pace have changed.

My new goal is to head out in the first half (13.1 miles) at 6:52 per mile pace, which will give me a 1 hour and 30 minute half-marathon time; I will hit the second slower. I am thinking between a 7 min to 7 min 8 sec per mile pace. If I can run faster I will. But, the second half will be a challenge. I am still excited to run this race. I have worked past my disappointment.