One month from today I will be running my 2nd Boston Marathon. I am looking forward to this event for so many reasons. It is the biggest stage race I will compete on unless I get crazy fast(er) and can qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trails. Even then, much like that of the Boston Marathon, most runners are competing but not to be among the top 10 – 20 finishers. The pros win races like Boston. And, among the pros, the vast majority of them are bystanders to the top 10 like the rest of us. Thus, if one cannot win this race, why bother? Because there are still a number of secondary goals to be had. Case in point: I aim to finish among the top 1,500 runners and to re-qualify with a time between 2:59 and 3 hours. This means that I will need to run in the 6:48 to 6:52 per mile range. I think I can do this; however, the course is pretty tough which adds to the Boston mystique.

It must also be noted that outside of the Olympics and the Olympic Trails, this is the biggest stage. Most people are not knowledgable marathon fans. But, they do know Boston. Even at the level of training and racing that I am at, I will occasionally get asked if I am “hoping to finish” the race (any marathon that is). My response: sure, finishing is a goal (stated with a sarcastic grin on my face). I did learn yesterday that my seed/ bib number is 5970. For the most part, that is a pretty low number. I am happy with that. However, I was hoping for a higher seed. Bid numbers are allotted according to qualifying times. I wanted a number in the 5,000s. Why? Because it is very important that I do not get caught up in traffic early in the race. I do not want to go out too fast, but as I learned last year, it is easy to go out too slow. And that did happen. I hit mile one at a pace of 7 min 19 secs last year. My 5k split was 7:09, though I was running around a 7:03 pace to make up some ground.

The BAA organizes transportation to the start line according to one’s bib number. I elected to pass on the transportation since we got a hotel close to the start (note: Boston is a point to point course). Here is how the BAA organizes transportation and waves/ corrals. I am in the first wave sixth corral based on my seeding. Each wave is denoted by color: wave 1 red, wave 2 white, and wave 3 blue.




100 – 8,999


9,000 – 17,999