The past two training weeks have gone exceptionally well; I am feeling the training and my body seems to be recovering well. I am not going to list each day-to-day session here since I have already noted it in my training book, but I am going to give a general summation. Week 6 long run went very well. Temps were nice though I was in a rush to get back to the house in order to watch a bunch of over paid men in tights chase a ball. Funny, but the same can be said of week 7. Though I am not 25, I am amazed at how well my body is recovering from hard sessions.

I did a few of my recovery runs with members on my CC/track team. Though I am not much for running in groups, it would be nice to find someone to do those long slow runs with on Sunday — as coach Karl even noted. I have given the idea of joining a running club some though, but in the end, I am not sure I am a social runner. Those runs do allow me to process and think about my week.

With roughly 11 weeks before the Boston Marathon, I am starting to think big. Both coach Karl and coach Pete seem to think that I can perform very well this year after I posted a 1hr 25 min 52 sec half-marathon time this past weekend; however, both also stated that all things will have to go well for me to run under 3 hours. My biggest fear with Boston is the course; it is a net downhill course; however, what goes down eventually must go up. Hence, the fear of running too fast and then bonking. I do not think that will happen. That is what smart training is for.

I hope to write more about my most recent half-marathon race. I am just getting back in town and have yet had time to settle down.