I liked how I felt this week. I am getting through each with very little fatigue. To my surprise, Thursday’s run proved to be the most difficult. I ended up logging 73 miles for the week, which is 6 miles more than what was scheduled. I am not sure how that happened.

Monday Jan. 2


Tuesday Jan. 3

Good run this AM. After my 2 mi w/u, I did 3×2 mile repeats at (6:32)(6:32)(6:33). I did a 1.5 mil c/d. for a grand AM total of 10 miles. I

I also did a 6 mile PM recovery run on the mill

Total Miles: 16

Wednesday Jan. 4

8 miles easy

Thursday Jan. 5

Tough workout. I did 8 mile with a 6 x 3 min fartleks @ 6:18 pace. I was amazed at how taxing this workout was. But, I hit it pretty hard. Though, I should have run the slower miles slower than the 8:12 pace.

Friday Jan. 6

I ended up doing a double due to a scheduling conflict on Thursday. I did 6 miles very easy during the AM followed by 7 miles during the PM. I again git talked into this one. I need to do a better job.

Total Miles: 13

Saturday Jan 7.

I had a crushing run here; it was fun and it felt great. I did 10 miles at a 7:01 pace. I ended up running the last mile at a 6:51 pace due to a slower mile earlier in the run. I got out the door by 5 AM in order to get this run in. It was a great confidence run. Temps were set to be as high as 74 degrees. So, I felt like I would do a better job holding pace if I did it earlier with cooler temps. I was right. This was my first tough run in my neighborhood; I tend not to run in my hood due to traffic and the number of turns.

Sunday Jan 8

18 very easy miles; I felt my slow twitch fibers fully operating during this run. The temps were pretty warm to say the least.