Week four was a good week.

Monday Dec. 26


Tuesday Dec. 27

3 mile warm up followed by 4 x 1 mile repeats with an 800 meter recovery jog between each one. Mile splits: 6:18, 6:15, 6:17, 6:19. I finished with a 3 mile recovery run.

Total Miles: 10

Wednesday Dec. 28

10 miles easy at 8:23 pace.

Thursday Dec. 29

Good run this AM. After my 2 mi w/u, I did 3×2 mile repeats with each set of 2 at (6:32)(6:32)(6:33). I did a 1.5 mil c/d for a grand AM total of 10 miles. I did a very slow jog for 400 meters between each 3 x 2 mile repeats.

Friday Dec. 30

10 miles easy

Saturday Dec. 31

Most people focused on their New Years’ Eve party, I focused on my training runs for the weekend.


This was a great workout; I have noted before that running progression runs require some discipline. Running slower at the start when your legs are fresh challenges you to stay focused. Of course, I remind myself that I will have to pick up the pace. I ran a 7:27 pace in total. Here are my progression splits per mile:

Mile 1 (8 min)

Mile 2 (7:50)

Mile 3 (7:40)

Mile 4 (7:30)

Mile 5 (7:20)

Mile 6 (7:10)

Mile 7 (7:03)

Mile 8 (6:51)

Mile 9 (6:31)

mile 10 (8:31)

I also did a 5 mile very easy PM run for a total of 15 miles. This run was not scheduled; I got talked into it.

Sunday Jan. 1

16 mile long run felt great. I love the long run. Besides running a high volume of miles per week, the long run gives me a great deal of confidence. The weather was great, though a bit warm.

Total Mile for Week Four: (67)