This was my recovery week. A good week for reduced miles with travels and weather to contend with. I only ran 52.5 miles this week — which is good training. Still, I ran 6 miles more than I was supposed to; I am not sure how.

Monday Dec. 19

Core work and Rest

Tuesday Dec. 20

I started this workout with a 2 mile warm up and concluded with a 4 mile cool down. In between, I hit the track for some interval work. 4 x 1 mile repeats; I hit each mile @ 6:20 and one mile @ 6:19. I did not go too hard during this session. The goal was to keep each repeat under 6:30. I felt great. Legs felt great.

My PM double had me doing an easy 4 mile run. Again, nothing too hard.

Total Miles: 14

Wednesday Dec. 21

10 mile run at an easy recovery pace

Thursday Dec. 22


Friday Dec. 23

I did 10 miles at an easy 8:11 pace. It was very cold. Doing this run in the COLD state of Nebraska was interesting.

Saturday Dec. 24

I switched Sunday and Saturday’s run. The streets here in Grand Island, Nebraska are too icy for a tempo run. I was able to find a YMCA here, and for a payment of $10, I used its gym to get in my miles. I did all between a pace of 7:03 – 7:13. The last mile I ran at a 6:40 pace. I wrapped up everything with an easy 1/2 mile cool down. Treadmill running is tough. I find it even harder to run fast on the mill. It is easier for me to run faster miles outside and slower miles inside.

Total Miles: 10.5

Sunday Dec. 25

Nice cold very early 8 miles today in Grand Island, Nebraska. In truth, the temps felt better than they have felt all week.