This was a good running week; it was pretty easy — well except for the track day. They are never easy. I ended running 70.65 miles for the week. Not bad at all.

Monday Dec. 12

5 mile recovery run. This was a nice and very easy run. Legs felt fine.

Tuesday Dec. 13

One of my runners talked me into doing an AM 7 mile run. Way too much for me. But of course I said yes. In the PM, I hit the track for speedwork. Again, I did an easy warm up run of 4 miles before running 6 x 1,000 meter repeats. My splits were:

3 min 46 secs

3 min 49 secs

3 min 49 secs

3 min 50 secs

3 min 51 secs

3 min 47 secs

Finished with a 1 mile cool down

Total Miles: 13

Wednesday Dec. 14

Easy and slow 10 mile recovery run. This was great for my legs. I was amazed at how tired they felt at first, but after this run, they felt rejuvenated.

Total Miles 10

Thursday Dec. 15

I ended doing my first “night” run in years it seems. Once sun goes down — I am done. Late afternoon runs seem to take the energy out of me. So, I hit the Memorial Park 3 mile loop for 8 miles; I ran the first 2 miles @ an easy pace before running the next 4 miles @ 6:42, 6:47, 6:49,6:43. I concluded this run with an easy 2 miles.

Total Miles 8

Friday Dec. 16

Easy 9.65 mile recovery run before classes.

Saturday Dec. 17

10 miles @ 7:15 pace. This run felt pretty easy. I had to force myself to slow down at the start; it was tempting to run this closer to a 7 min pace by then that would not be training. My slowest mile was 7:18 pace while my fastest mile was a 7:12 pace.

Total Miles: 10

Sunday Dec. 18

A medium distance 15 mile long run slow and easy.

Total Weekly Miles: 70.65