This week was the first as I start my build up miles — which will eventually put me in the mid 80s per week. This was not a bad week at all. The fast runs were tough in that I did 3 this week; however, I ran my other miles very slow. Getting in 63 miles this week felt good and very easy.

Monday Dec.5

Because I did a long run of 16 miles on the treadmill yesterday, I kept the recovery nice and slow. 5 AM miles @ 8:15 pace.

Tuesday Dec. 6

I hit the track for 4 x 1 mile repeats between 6:10 and 6:20 per mile pace. I felt great; however, the temps were very cold and the head wind running on the North side of the track was tough. It was still better than doing this in July. I did a 2 mile warm up with two of my runners before hitting the repeats. Between each repeat, I jogged for 400 meters as recovery. I concluded the workout with a 3 mile cool down


Mile one: 6:04

Mile two: 6:17

Mile three: 6:18

Mile four: 6:20

I clearly got slower as the miles added up. This will not be the issue in a few weeks. I also did some upper body and lower body weights.

Total miles: 10

Wednesday Dec. 7

Though I was only supposed to do 8 miles, I wanted to get a few more in to make up for Monday’s deficit. However, I let one of my runners talk me into doing 8 PM miles with him; we did so at 8:03 pace. Honestly, we ran much of this slower. I think we were ready to be done the last 1.5 miles. The problem with this workout comes from the AM. I did a double — not thinking that I would run in the PM. I ran 6 AM miles at 8:30 pace

Total Miles: 14

Thursday Dec. 8/ Friday Dec. 9

12 x 400 meter repeats between 83 & 86 seconds. I followed them with an easy 200 meter recover jog. This workout included a couple easy warm up and cool down miles.

8 miles @ 8:31 pace

Total miles:12

Saturday Dec. 10

I did a late afternoon progression run of 10 miles. The run went well. However, I did not like the way the last two faster miles felt. I need them to feel easier. Although, the last two miles are pretty much my half-marathon pace.

Splits  per mile:








6:55 (this mile felt particularly tough today.)


I finished mile 10 slow as a cool down.

Total Miles: 10

Sunday Dec. 11

I did a very slow and easy 12 mile run (8:30 pace). I did this run on the mill.

Total Weekly Miles: 63