This past Sunday, I had a very nice and easy (slow) 16 mile run on the treadmill. Why? It was pretty wet outside and I really wanted to watch the Texans’ football game. This week starts my first week of training for the New Orleans half-marathon on March 4th, and the Boston Marathon on April 16th. As with any new cycle of training, it is important to list a few goals.

  1. Increase my weekly miles.
  2. Stay consistent in training. That is, if I have a workout schedule for Tuesday — it is my goal to do it on that day rather than have my trainings shifted around.
  3. More 20 milers. I hope to do many of these in Austin, where there are plenty of hills.
  4. Stay focused on the tempo runs. Hit my pace and watch my watch. Often, I tend to zone out rather than concentrating on my pace.
  5. Aim to make a 6:45 pace feel like a jog. Thus, I need to teach my body how to acclimate to the various paces.
  6. Run the recovery run slow. Avoid the temptation of running fast.
  7. Alcohol — no more than a glass the night before a tempo or long run.
  8. Diet — I am going to reward myself with my favorite snacks after I have finished a great week of training. Thus, I will limit my special treats to once a week. This does not include wine.
  9. Fueling — drink more while in the office. More nuts and health snacks throughout the day. On my long runs, refuel with GU and water every 3- 4 miles.
  10. Make New Orleans a primary goal race. It will tell me a lot in terms of what I can run in Boston. Thus, it is too early to set absolute goals for Boston.
  11. Sleep — my number one enemy. Get more of it.
  12. Weights and core work — I am doing well here. It is my goal to do 3 focused core sessions per week; however, I will do some short ab workouts daily. I am focusing a great deal on my trunk. More squats and other resistant leg sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  13. Once a week I will publish my training log. That is the purpose of this blog. I got lazy during my last training cycle.