This week officially kicks off 6 – 7 weeks of base work; I have done pretty low mileage stuff with no speed work since my last race. I am pumped to up my miles just a bit. And, focus on a new set of running goals. Though my next stage of training is geared toward racing the Boston Marathon, I am hoping to have much emphasis placed on lowering my half marathon time. I am racing far less than I did by this time last year. I think this is a good thing. I have discovered that marathons are too hard on the mind. Spending months watching a great degree of anxiety build is nerve racking to the soul. Furthermore, it kills the mind far more than it does the body. However, the body tends to recover far faster than the mind…particularly after a sub par race. I am set to get in 44 miles this week. I realize this is not a lot, but it is perfect for base training. I am not sure my mind is ready for the heavy stuff — not yet anyway.