It was a tough day. It was not warm, but temps were around 65. Lots and lots of turns. And I mean lots of turn. I did not care for the course. I ran into trouble around miles 23 & 24 when I cramped up in both hams and in my calf. I felt the wall starting to creep in a bit by mile 20, as noted by my splits.  I think I failed to do my long runs well this summer do to the temps, thus that had a bit of an impact too. In general, I have the speed to perform according to my track sessions and other measurements, I just have yet to full pull it together. I wanted this race to end. This is a set back but nothing that cannot be fixed. So, I am going to enjoy my recovery and get set to crush Boston. I am working on getting over the disappointment. I will race a 1/2 marathon in March before Boston. I made a number of mistakes.
Splits:Mile 1 7:03
Mile 2 7:03
Mile 3 7:05
Mile 4 7:06
Mile 5 7:02
Mile 6 7:05
Mile 7 7:03
Mile 8 7:01
Mile 9 7:06
Mile 10 7:13 (not concentrating)
Mile 11 7:08 (not concentrating)
Mile 12 7:04
Mile 13 7:02
Mile 14 7:05
Mile 15 7:03
Mile 16 7:07
Mile 17 7:06
Mile 18 7:11
Mile 19 7:24
Mile 20 7:38
Mile 21 8:10
Mile 22 7:53
Mile 23 9:09
Mile 24 13:40 (cramps)
Mile 25 8:37
Mile 26 9:58
In ran a 3:23.56. Much of that “slowness” came during the last 6 miles. After the cramps. I did not see a need to run too hard to the finish. I simply went on a jog from there.I finished 37/539 and 8/54 in my division.
Here is what I am taking from this race.
  1. I was in great shape. Better yet, I made an effort to keep my pace slower than what my splits indicate; I felt like I could have run much faster. However, I feared the wall. In the end, I was shocked that it hit me. I was also shocked by the cramps.
  2. I learned what I need to fix. More long runs. Better fueling in my training. I am sure there are more things.