This has been a pretty good week. With classes and retreats, I was a bit concerned.

8/16 – 8/21

Day 1


Day 2

This was a great workout; I hit the track for 10 x 800 meter repeats in the time of 2 min 55 secs and 3:05 secs. I hit each repeat between 2:54 and 2:55. My slowest repeat came toward the last few, with 2 – 3 of them landing at 2:59; however, the last one I completed in 2 min and 57 secs. I like good track days. This was a good track day.

Total Miles today: 11

Day 3

I try to do doubles on my easy days. Today was no exception. I did an easy 6 in the AM, followed by 5 miles in the PM. All runs were at a slow recovery pace.

Total Miles today:11

Day 4

Due to the temps and time, I did my tempo first of two tempo runs on the treadmill. I ran the first 7 miles at 8:00 min per mile pace; I did the last 5 miles at 6:45 per mile pace. I set the mill at a grade of 1%.

Total Miles today: 12

Day 5

Because I was again headed out-of-town, I got in an easy 4 mile recovery run on the treadmill; I followed that up with a 5 mile easy run in the PM. And I mean PM. I did not complete this run until 11:30 PM. I hate late runs. My body and brain shuts down.

Day 6

Because I was at a retreat, I got out the door very early for my 2nd tempo run; I did half of this run at or just under an 8 min pace; I ran the second half at or just under a 7 min per mile pace; it did not feel easy. My legs were pretty tired.

Day 7

Today was my longest run of the week; I did 16 miles at an easy 8:04 per mile pace. Because I was out of Houston, I got to run some hills; I did 3 – 5 miles on hills. Very nice!

Total Miles for Week: 69