This was a very difficult week; I am not going to lay out all of the details. But, those challenges both mentally and physically made it hard for me to focus.

8/8 – 8/14

Monday — day 1


Tuesday — day 2

Easy 3 mile warm up before running the next 2 miles at 6:33 pace; I concluded this session with a 5 mile run at recovery pace. My hope was to do a speed session, however, I could not get my mind going.

Total Miles today: 10

Wednesday — day 3

3 miles easy, followed by 2 miles at 6:31 pace — 90 seconds recovery, then another 2 miles at 6:30 pace; I concluded this workout with 2 x 800 meter repeats. I ran both in 3 minutes — which was the assigned range.

Total Miles today: 8

Thursday– day 4

I did a double today. AM Run: My first 4 miles were at 7 min pace while mile 5 was at 7:39. My PM Run: 4 miles at 7:48 pace.

Total Miles today: 9

Friday — day 5

8 miles easy.

Saturday — day 6

It was a tough workout; I think it was the toughest thus far. I did struggle; I got started at 5:30 AM. Ran the first 12 miles @ roughly 7:56 pace. During the next 4, I felt it. Mile 13 I ran at 7:08. Mile 14 at 7 min and mile 15 at 6:59. I then had to stop and get a drink and re-gain my composure. By time I hit the next two miles — it was pretty hot; I ran those at about 6:45. I did not make it to mile 18. This was my toughest run thus far.

Total Miles today: 17

Sunday — day 7

10 miles easy on the treadmill

Total Weekly miles: 62