Week of 8/1 to 8/7

Monday day 1

Easy 5 miles with CC member.

Tuesday day 2

3 mile warm up

6 x 1 mile repeats @ 6:20 – 6:30 pace; I struggled a bit to get through this workout. It was hot and I was tired from the start.

2 mile cool down

Total Miles: 11

Wednesday day 3

10 miles at an easy recovery pace

Thursday day 4

8 miles @ 8:15 pace followed by 4 @ 7: 15 pace.

Total Miles: 12

Friday day 5

6 mile recovery run

Saturday day 6

6 miles at 8:03 pace before picking up the pace; I finished the last 4 miles at 6:58 pace. As always, my Saturday AM tempo runs are tough due to the temps; I can never seem to get out the door early enough.

Sunday day 7

I  simply ran out of gas. I know the summer heat will make me a better man come fall, but weighing through these hot long runs are tough. I managed to get in 18 of the 20 I needed to do.

Total miles for the week: 72