This week turned out to be a very low miles week due to missing two days of running. I was not too sure as to whether or not I was developing an injury. Thus I cut back my miles. I am okay with this.

 Monday — (July 25) day 1

This is usually an off day for me; I elected to run a very easy and slow 5 miles with a member of my cross-country team. Nothing too daunting here.

Tuesday — (July 26) day 2

I had a great track day here. I did a total of 14 miles including both warm up and cool down miles. As for my speedwork, I ran 5 x 1 mile repeats with the goal of keeping them between 6:20 – 6:30 pace. I did okay.







I really felt that last mile.

Total Miles here 14

Wednesday — (July 27) day 3

Recovery run here. 8 miles on the slow end of the recover scale.

Thursday — (July 28) day 4

I was set to do 8 miles at recover pace with the last 2 miles being at 7 min pace; however, 1 mile in I felt something just below my left shin and above my left foot. I freaked and decided to call it the day; I am not sure if I will do a run on Friday.

Friday — (July 29) day 5

Rest. No scheduled to do this, but as noted before I wanted to be cautious and not to injure myself.

Saturday — (July 30) day 6

I ended up doing a double today; I ran 8 miles in the AM and 5 in the PM. My AM miles consisted of a tempo run in which 5.3 miles were done at a pace between 6:45 to 6:55. All runs were on the treadmill due to an AM storm and the hit of a Houston afternoon.

Sunday — (July 31) day 7

I got out of the door by 5AM. I ran the first 13 miles at an easy pace of 8:12, before running the last 3 miles at 6:57. It was still hot, but better than it has been on these Sunday runs.

Total Miles for Week: 58