So much going on to the point that it is unreal. Thus, I have failed to update my miles. I was able to get in some core work and weights, which I have done a better job at doing, but not as well as I need to. I have elected to focus and start doing the small things that will make me better.

Thursday – day 4 (July 21)

I read my training schedule wrong and mixed up this workout with that of Friday’s. I am not sure how I did that. Due to mucho things that needed to get done, I ended up doing a double — both runs on the slow end of my recovery pace. 6 miles in the AM and 4.3 miles in the PM.

Total Miles 10.3

Friday – day 5 (July 22)

After doing volunteer work all day, I headed to the park for my usual route, when I discovered I left my pair of trainers at home. I considered doing the run the pair of 3 year old Nike Dual Fusions I had on, when I reminded myself of my injury history. Thus, I could not make the trip back across town, so I decided to do 8 miles on the treadmill. I ran the first 6 at an easy pace before picking it up a bit the last 2 miles…which I ran at 7:24 pace.

Total Miles: 8

Saturday – day 6 (July 23)

It is not like holding a 7 min pace is difficult for me on tempo runs; however, I have laced the discipline to get out the door earlier to get this done. Thus, heat hits you just a bit which does hamper the pace. I did complete the faster parts of this workout between paces of 7 min and 7:05. I started the run with an east 4 mile run before hitting my faster 7 min pace runs.

Sunday – day 7 (July 24)

I only did 13 miles here. More of a medium-distance run than a log run. My aim was 14, but in truth, I honestly ran out of gas and elected to stop before I injured myself. My diet needs some help. I thought half of a bagel would be enough for this run; I was wrong. I hit it at the slower end of the recovery pace.