I warmed up well and felt relaxed; I got a good position in the front and did not fire out too fast like so many did; however, I ran too conservatively. I hit the first two miles at a 6:13 pace and I was thinking, I need to push the pace more. This is easy; thus, I ran the last 1.1 mile at I think a 5:58 – 5:59 per mile pace. I ran a 19:11. However, I feel so much faster than that. If I ran it again, I would be at 19 minutes — for sure, if not faster. And, in cooler temps…I am well under 19. The sun was not kicking as hard since the temp was only 83 degrees at 7:30, which is when the gun fired. It was very humid.

I took 4th in my division and 25th overall. This was the first 5k I failed to place; but, I am not too concerned with that. This is a training run for other races.

Total Miles today: 4.1