Ran the Dad’s Day 5k as a training run this AM. Things did not get off to a great start as I found myself still in the packet pickup line 5 minutes before the start. The folks did a great job with this event and its purpose, but there were a number of people still waiting for bibs and D tags with me. Thus, the race started at 8:20 in order to accommodate the mass line. I will say more about this race later; I will say that I did not do as well as I wanted. 19 min 28 sec, which is a 6:14 per  mile pace. I finished 25th out of 853 and 2nd in my division. I am not going to let the slow time get me down. I will kill this. Heat. Cramps. Oh, my heavy legs were heavy. Still, it was a great training run as I continue to prep for my big fall races.

Total Miles today: 4.20