I love this phrase by LL Cool J: Don’t call it a come back I’ve been here for years. I am thinking about making this my mantra; I like the sound of it. There is nothing better than gearing up for another training cycle. This time, it is my intent to make the most out of each session. I will train smart. But, I do want my ego to run wild just a bit. I do realize that races have an interesting way of humbling the soul. I am pretty humble. That is why I train hard. I have a long way to go. This is nothing new. I say this is my mantra because this will be my first training cycle in which my goals far exceed just qualifying for Boston. When I hit my goals, Boston will be a mere after thought. Really. I am pumped. I am confident. But I am also humble. This cycle is not a come back, I have been here.

Today’s AM run was tough due to the temps. But, I am using this week to slowly get my mind ready to train. Though I have some nice running weeks, my diet and other habits have sucked. Way too much pizza, wine, and brownies. I need to focus. I rolled off 12 easy miles on Sunday. Thus, I wanted to get in another easy 12. Though not as easy as Sunday’s run (heat issues), I am pumped that I finished it.


Mile          Per Mile Pace

1                7:47

2               7:55

3               7:57

4              7:52

5              7:58

6              7:56

7              7:58

8              7:55

9              7:53

10            7:17

11            7:34

12           6:57

I would later hit the gym for an easy recovery run of 5 miles @ 8:19 pace.

Total Miles Today:  17