I was set to do a long run of 15 – 16 miles today, but after getting out of the door late (hence Houston temps), then later locking my keys in my car, I knew I was set to adjust my schedule. No biggie though. I did get in a medium distance run of 12 miles, which is usually my mid-week medium run.

I did not realize I had logged 50 miles this week; I did the same last week. It was my goal to cut my miles until my next training cycle, which I have clearly done at 5o miles. By this time last year, 5o miles was my peak week. Now, 50 miles is a very easy week for me. I am convinced my body and mind can manage miles in the mid 90s to 105 per week. I feel so much stronger; it is as if I went through a transformation my increasing my miles on average to the low 80s per week. Thus in my last cycle, though my miles went up, my injuries vanished.

Total Miles today: 12

weekly Miles: 50