Before my run, I hit the gym on campus for a bit of stretching and core/ab work. I did some weights, but not too much. Honestly, I opted out of the bench press for push ups. But, the lats, tri, and biceps got some work too.

So, my morning started off with an easy 6 mile run up Kempwood Drive, which is next to campus. The temps felt pretty good. I did this at a speed of 7:48 per mile. I did not want to do this too fast because I knew I wanted to finish on the track. However, I did not do as many 800 meter repeats as I wanted to do. When there are pressing things to get done in the office, it is hard to focus on runs. Your stomach is in a bit of a knot. Thus, once on the track, I did 2 x 800 meters. The first set was done in 2 minutes 59 seconds. The second was completed in 2 minutes and 54 seconds. I concluded this brief speed session with a 400 meter run in 1 minute 24 seconds.

Total Miles today: 7.25