Again, crazy great temps for spring here in Houston. I hit memorial Park for speedwork opting not to perfor meter repeats on the track. Thus, instead I did a total of 7 miles with 3 miles being faster repeats. My zone for my faster miles should have fallen between a 6:14 to 6:28 per mile pace, with a recovery run between 8:46 to 9:16. I hit the recover pace well, but not the faster miles; in part, there seems to be a slight strain in my lower right buttocks that feels like a deep bruise; I do not think it is a bruise, but more of a tight muscle. Stretching has not helped as much. Thus, I opted to lean toward the slower end of the repeats rather than the faster. And, I did not spend too much time running this. I am still trying to save the body and mind for real training.

Training Splits;

Mile 1 (Warm up) 8:09 pace

Mile 2 6:34 pace

Mile 3 (Recovery) 8:59 pace

Mile 4 6:33 pace

Mile 5 (Recovery) 9:00 pace

Mile 6 6:29 pace

Mile 7 (Cool Down) 8:29 pace

Total Miles: 7 @ 7:45 pace