This was tough to assign; however, I think I have it done. Though I am still unsure about some of the 5k and 10k races I hope to race, I feel pretty good about my race calendar for the longer races. I have some lofty goals I hope to hit in the fall, thus the hard work for me always starts in the summer. I am really a two season type of racer; I love the fall to early winter races, as well as the mid-spring races too. Though back in the early 2000s, it was not unheard of for me to be seen competing in a 5k race; I am much better now than I was then.

I love the heat of summer; I feel that if I can survive the grueling heat of summer training, I can pretty much survive the tough tests of fall competition. And, with my intense work ethic, I feel that I make most of my gains during the tough summer months of training. I am willing to put in the miles at 5 AM when it is already 80 degrees here in Houston, as well as late evening sessions when the temps are between 88 – 93 degrees.  This summer I will compete in at least two 5k races and two 10k races, if not more; I intend to use this distance to help my leg turnover, and to improve my overall speed.

As for my fall racing schedule, things have changed since I first started mapping it out a few months ago. I did register to race in the 2011 Chicago Marathon, but I have since elected not to. I also decided not to race in Houston’s Marathon. This was actually a much tougher call since they put in place early qualifying time standard for which I easily meet. It is a hometown race. But, it comes at a bad time. I also looked at running an October marathon in Hampton, New Hampshire, but that too is now out. My focus is to return to Boston 2012. Though I have qualified again to run this race, it is not guaranteed with the new rolling system; however, I have done the math and think that I should get in; if not, I am off to Duluth, Minnesota to run Grandma’s Marathon. This race is really high on my list. But, it is too early for me to plot out my spring race schedule. Plus, there are only two races I intend on running this spring: Boston or Grandma’s. All other races will be 5k, 10k, 15k, or half-marathons.

Fall Race Schedule:

September 4 Tupelo, Mississippi 14.2 Miler

October 9     Wichita, Kansas Full Marathon

December 4 Dallas, Texas White Rock Half-Marathon

December 11 Sugar Land, Texas 30k