I am still in recover mode; I will exit this stage in a few weeks and spend a bit of time at the base maintenance stage. I did 6 miles at roughly a 7 min 37 per mile pace; I agree, a bit fast for a recovery. But, I could not help myself. I slowed to a 9 min 25 sec per mile pace for the last 3 miles. I am focused on recovery and weight control right now. My miles are down exponentially right now. And, I do tend to eat too much at times. With that said, I still feel too heavey. At 5’9 162 LBS, I am in the right zone. However, an ideal weight for me is at the 145 to 150 LBS range. My body fat ratio is good, which makes it harder for me to shed the pounds. I can do it. Less pizza and wine, more water and veggies. I doubt that. That is part of my focus over the course of the next 5 – 8 weeks.

Though most will tell you that it seems easier to shed weight back when my training had me doing 70 to 90 miles per week, that is not the case;it was too difficult in that period to focus on weight. Due to running so many high miles, I was constantly having to take in a number of calories. By cutting back on the miles for now, it should be much easier.

Total Miles today: 9