I am still in recovery and thus, I am not in any rush to start training again. I will continue to run but I will not exceed 50 miles per week for another 4 weeks. I am going to rest and do some moderate running. My legs still feel a bit heavy, though much of that is in my head; if anything, I am enjoying a mental break of no training expectations. Also, I hope to use the next 4 to 5 weeks to sort through my running schedule for the fall, winter, and spring; I do expect to run Boston 2012. But, that might change my plans for Chicago. I have registered for the Chicago Marathon which is set for October 9th; however, I might make that change due to expenses. Darn that trip to Boston was expensive. And, I suspect the same if not more for Chicago seeing that hotels add up fast. Further, the nice thing about Boston was that we were able to stay outside of Downtown; I am not sure that will be the case regarding Chicago. So, my goals are still the same which I will post at a later time. I did get in my second post-marathon run Sunday. It was a bit faster than my last run.

Total Miles today: 7

Total Miles for Post-Race Recovery: 15