I was scheduled to do a 90 minute run with fartlek burst of 30 seconds every 5 minutes; however, 1 mile into that run my legs were feeling very tired and heavy. Furthermore, I did not get any sleep the previous night due to work matters and work matters. So I elected to take another day off. I will push the session to Friday. I could not believe how heavy my legs felt. Interesting point here from a RW’s article on the taper:


Trap: Heavy Legs

Symptoms: A tired, heavy feeling centered in the legs, but affecting your whole body, that you get late in a taper.

Cause: “Tissue repair in the legs during recovery, coupled with the fact that you are storing more carbohydrate and water late in the taper, will make you feel like you do after eating a big meal,” says Dr. Smurawa. In other words, you feel like a slug.

Solution: Remember you’re not the only one feeling this way. “Just knowing that this is how tapering marathoners are supposed to feel can help curb your anxiety,” says Robert Udewitz, Ph.D., a sports psychologist and the director of Behavior Therapy of New York. Also, try a few strides (100-meter sprints) after some of your easy runs. Strides can help knock off the rust, leaving you feeling fresh and ready without overdoing it.

Total Miles today: 1