Okay. I did my last long training run before I head up to Boston; it was a long slow run. I did my best to simulate everything about Boston except pace and setting. I did a pre-race meal last night; I got in bed by 9…though I could not sleep. Those who know me well, know that sleep has always been an issue for me; insomnia is the norm; I cannot imagine how bad it will be with the pre-race nerves come April 17. To off set that, I have already decided to take sleep aid days in advance. But of course, not the night before.

I got up this AM and had a Gatorade along with a bagel with peanut butter on it; I followed that with a banana. This is the plan come April 18th. I ran 20 miles in Kemah (hills or bridge) at a slow 8:55 per mile pace. Thanks to the weather gods, the high was only 78 — with a very nice breeze. No more hard training weeks.

Total Miles today: 20

Total Miles for Week Two: 71.3