Today’s speedwork was not easy; I was set to do 4 x 3,000 meter repeats @ 6:22 pace; however, the track on my campus was occupied with a track meet, and the two other local tracks I visited were also occupied. Thus, my last and only option was the treadmill. Still, I thought it was tough due to the incline which I set the machine at. I did not want to move this workout, which forces me to adjust the rest of my training weeks. So, off to the gym I went.

I hit each 3,000 meter repeat at an adjusted treadmill pace of 6:15 to 6:18 per mile pace. My initial goal was this:

.25 = 1 min 36 secs

.50 = 3 min 12 sec

.75 = 4 min 18 sec

mile = 6 min 24 sec

1.25 = 8 min

1.50 = 9 min 36 sec

1.75 =11 min 12 sec

1.85 = 12 min

I hit each repeat at a pace a bit faster than the above splits. In order to off set the treadmill simulation, I set the incline to a 2% grade for the first 3 repeats; I kept the last one at zero seeing that this speed session was much tougher than I thought. I did a 5 mile AM recovery run today, too. I was sure to keep it very slow. My warm up run for this PM session was an easy mile.

Total Miles today: 11.1