Janette and I drove just over an hour south to Kemah, Texas to do a long training run; I knocked out 20 miles @ 9:05 per mile pace; in truth, I think I ran slower than this; however, the run down the Kemah bridge forced my pace up. I was shocked at how tired I was during this run. And, I am pretty sure this was the longest I have ever been on my feet. I ran for a little over 3 hours.

Today my legs felt the way they usually feel once I hit mile 22 @ goal pace during an actual race. The heat (86) on top of heavy winds and legs did not help. But, I must say, I felt that this long very slow run was highly productive. Hitting that bridge was a nice adage, too. The bridge (pictured above) end-to-end is about 0.75 miles with a 4.5 – 5% grade.

Total Miles today: 20

Total Miles for the Week: 73