I am taking today completely off; it is a rest day as part of my recovery week. I will do some core work and a great deal of stretching. We are in Seabrook, Texas gearing up for my last race before Boston. So, things are busy but relaxed.

On another note, while reading an old issue of Running Times, I came across a story about Alex Vero. According to Vero, he was an overweight sloth at 224 lbs who was in poor shape due to drinking, smoking, burgers, and just living the sedentary life style. Being British, he noticed that only five British runners in 2005 broke 2 hr and 20 minutes in the marathon, a mark needed to qualify one for the Olympics. This number was down from the 102 runners that hit this mark in 1985. Thus, he set out on a journey to reach sub-elite status and qualify for the 2008 Olympic team.

In the process of his journey, he created a documentary film noting his aims. Though he never made it to the Olympics, he did reach sub-elite status running a  high 2:30 ish marathon and a 1:13 half marathon. Vero received some criticism for his efforts; I suspect folks saw him as a self-promoter. But crap, what is wrong with that. I mean I maintain a freaking blog to document my athletic transformation. And, I am not the only one. If you search around the blogosphere, you will find runners ranging from hobby jogger status to elites documenting their efforts. I have not seen this DVD yet, but I hope to in the future.