The temps were much better today for my long run; I knocked out an easy and very slow 20.45  mile run out at Hershey Park. I am trying to do more runs here since it has some graded inclines, but nothing greatly significant. I felt great on this run; it was so slow that I got bored at times. But, it gave me some time to think about the research and writing I have neglected due to training. Oh, and there is that letter I need to get sent off for a colleague. Dang, and those darn exams I just recently gave.

This was a good week. I did not feel as tired as I had in the past. Though, I am always looking to take a nap. After a burger and a couple of beers following a 14 mile tempo run Saturday, I opted for a much healthier dish as a recovery meal today. Scallops and pasta did the trick.

Total miles today: 20.45

Total Miles for Week Five: 74.7