Today was a tough day; it was hot (80 degrees) and windy. I think the headwinds hit me harder than the temps. I also took this run back out to Hershey Park, which offers some degree of graded climbs, something much needed in my prep for the Boston topography. The killer thing about the Boston course is the down hill grade, then the sudden graded climbs later on the course. There were parts of the route I ran in which I could feel the difficulty of running down hill. However, climbs are always tough.

I needed to hit the first 6 miles of this run at 6:45 per mile pace, but I struggled a bit today and only managed a pace of 6:49. The more telling part came in the second half of this run, which I needed to hit at a 6:25 per mile pace…but only managed to hit this at 6:39 pace. The last mile was good; I clocked a 6:29 pace. My warm up mile was at an easy 7:57 pace, and my last cool down mile was at an easy 8:14 pace.

I have it in me to hit this gear; I need to find this gear; regardless, I felt stronger after this great training run, but I must admit my disappointment in that I failed to hit my splits. I would love to blame it on other factors, but in truth, I could feel the lactate acid hitting my legs more than I wanted. I am in great shape; I will race well in Boston. I have too many folks on my support team for things not to go well.

…but man, that post run beer (both of them) and burger hit the mark. And, I am not a burger person.

Total Miles today: 14