After taking Wednesday off to help in my recovery of Tuesday’s trackwork (15×300 meter repeats), I had a great training day as I did a double; I have slowly worked my doubles out of my training since converting to a different training regiment ala Peter. I did a very easy 12 mile AM run; I was out of the door and on the mill by 4 AM to allow my body enough time to rest before conducting a 90 minute (or 12 mile) Fartlek session in the PM. My legs felt great; I felt great. As noted by Peter:

90 min of tough “Fartlek”! As you have no really hilly training/running area run those 90 min in a basic speed of about 7:55 min/mile. After about every 5 min you run for about 30 secs significantly faster at about 6:30 min/mile or faster, but NO sprint! Peter

I did the 12 miles @ 7:35 pace. I will admit I ran a bit faster than I needed to, but my Garmin GPS reads accelerated bursts differently, making it tough to get a good sense of my speed. A number of those bursts were in the 5 minute range.

Total Miles today: 24