After a great long run on Sunday, I rested yesterday…day 1 of week 5. Today, however, was set aside for track work. I did 5.45 miles @ 7:55 per mile pace this AM. It felt like a very easy jog. But, it was a nice recovery run. In the PM, I did 3.21 miles as part of my warm up. My pace was about 8 minutes per mile; I followed that with 15×300 meter repeats, with each landing between 53 – 56 seconds; I elected to walk for 2 minutes between each as recovery.

I concluded my PM training session with a 1 mile cool down. I felt stronger with each repeat. I really should have taken my foot off the breaks at the latter repeats. But, in part, there was a slight fear of not finishing strong. And, I wanted a quick recovery for my other workouts this week.

Total Miles today: 10.26