Coach Pete would be proud; I did my Sunday long run of 18.34 miles @ 7:59 per mile pace. I know, it was supposed to be @ an 8 min pace; I was pretty darn close. What made this run so great, besides the weather, were the rolling hills. We do not really have hills in Houston, but I learned there was some grade differences out at Terry Hershey Park to provide some strength and resistance to my training. Traffic was not too bad. And the time allowed me to really think about my courses and some of the writing I desperately need to get done. At the end of this run, there is a nice 170 – 190 meter incline at one of the Addicks Reservoir points (think that is the name) in which I did two “two” mile repeats. I am sure it is not enough to simulate the Newton Hills of Boston, but hey, it is all that we have here. I am headed either to Austin or north of Houston this weekend to do some easy hill running.

Total Miles today: 18.34

Miles for Week Six: 65.74