I had a very easy 6 mile recovery run on the treadmill today; I am saving my energy for my long training run Sunday. I am doing a better job listening to Coach Pete, who continues to direct me in the best direction for Boston. I also want to give my love and a shout out to all those folks running the Little Rock Marathon. I know a few people running this one, and I know they will do very well. I cannot wait to hear their conclusion. I ran its half-marathon back in 2009 and in 2010. It was the 2010 race that I ran upon my return to running. It was a very ugly race for me; I think I was around 190 lbs and greatly out of top shape for a marathon. Honestly, I was trying to get through this thing standing. You can see how much heavier I am during this race than I am now.

Total Miles today: 6

Here is what I stated after that 2010 race:

Well, I ran the Little Rock Marathon this past weekend. Most people will tell you that my time was GREAT!!! However, I am not pleased with the results. My official time was 3 hours and 42 minutes. The course was hard. The hills were really difficult, especially during the second part of the course. I got a high starting seed which allowed me to start in corral A. As the race started, the pace group I was in got off to a great start; however, I decided to run with this girl who was a stud and who already qualified for Boston. We were in front of the pace group throughout the race.By mile 20, I discovered that she was a much better runner than me. I was on pace to run a 3 hour and 27 minute marathon by 20, but cramped up every mile from 21 to 26.