I do enjoy tempo mile interval runs; it gives me a chance to mix a little fast running with slow running; it allows my body to rest and recover after picking up the pace just a bit. ; it also allows for a bit of training variation, as I have blended two trainings into one schedule. I think the added coaching advice will help me here. I did 14 miles of this @ 7:34 pace. Some of my recovery runs were a bit faster than I wanted. I aimed to keep them around 8:20 per mile pace, but I was really stressed for time as I had a meeting at 7 PM. Also, I did not want to fatigue myself on this Friday run; I need to do a hill training session on the mill come Saturday, as well as tackle a long run on Sunday.

Total Miles today:14

Here is the breakdown:

Miles       Pace

1                7:51

2               6:51

3               7:44

4               6:50

5               7:54

6               6:52

7               8:00

8               6:57

9               8:11

10             6:54

11             8:30

12            7:11

13            7:48

14            8:27