I did an easy 6.4 mile AM recovery run, which felt really good; I kept the pace nice and slow. However, it as my afternoon session that caught all of the buzz with me. My friend Peter Gottwald, who operate out of Germany for Smart Running, asked me to perform a test to determine whether my weakness is found in my performance, or in my speed. Here is what I did:

  • 5 minute easy run
  • 5 minute run at a faster pace
  • 5 minute run at an even faster pace

Then, I ran 10 x 30 meter sprints. I walked back after each repeat. I followed this with 5 x 100 meter repeats. To conclude this test, I ran a hard 1,000 meter…which I complete in 3 minutes and 28 seconds. Peter asked me to record my heart rate after I ran the 1,000 meters. Then, I recorded my HR one minute after I completed the 1,000 meter run. Peter used this information to predict my time for my next marathon. Though a good time, I am not happy with the findings. As I stated to Peter in an email, I might not hit my next goal in Boston. But, I will keep training for it. We shall see.

Total Miles today: 7.4