I will write more about this race once I have had time to reflect and think about what went well, and not so well. It was clear, though, that I do need to build greater resistance (i.e., hill training) into my schedule. I ran the half-marathon in 1 hour 29 minutes and 29 seconds, which is about 6:48 per mile pace. I still have time to get that down. But man, the hills of Austin were hitting me left and right. I placed 76 out 10,523 runners. Of course, that number is inflated seeing that many folks who run these races now days are not “competitive” runners.

After the race, Janette came over to greet and congratulate me on the race, though she did state that I clearly elected not to finish in high gear towards the end. And she is right. There was no sprint. No second gear that final mile. Honestly, I was saving it — which is a lame excuse.

Total Miles today: 13.1

Total Miles for Week 8: 76