I seriously considered making up my 20 mile run I missed due to illness this past Sunday, but elected not to because of work demands. And, I am trying my best not to makeup trainings just note them in my log. I really wanted to get this run in, but I think the running gods might forgive me for missing a 20 miler. To be honest, I am still going to see if I can get one in this week. However, it will be a challenge with Austin’s Half-Marathon this Sunday. I did manage to get in an 11 mile run at 6:57 per mile pace; I am still not where I need to be. I should be running this far easier than I am. I still have time; I am not going to panic. I am feeling as though I can crank out miles at a 6:45 – 6:50 pace when the time is right. There is nothing more difficult than trying to get in a tough run after full day of work.

Total Miles today: 11