I did not do the total volume of miles today as planned, but all in all, today was a productive day. The campus that I teach at, Houston Christian High School, spent much of the day throughout the greater Houston area performing various acts of community service. This means that I too was with students performing such duties. Honestly, I had it pretty easy. Today was not a highly stressful day. I was up and going by 5 AM; I completed 8 miles on the machine at an easy 7:47 per mile pace. I followed that AM session up with a PM session at Memorial Park. Though scheduled to complete 14 miles, I honestly did not have 14 miles in me. I worked a bit of tempo into my run. My afternoon session, which consisted of 10 miles of a tempo interval run, looked a bit like this:

Miles     Pace

1             7:26

2             6:44

3             7:30

4             6:37

5              7:36

6              6:38

7             7:24

8              6:35

9              7:24

10            6:35

Total Miles today: 18