I have elected to take Monday’s off; I need this day. When I first started training for this April’s race, I was pretty much running everyday. I know, not smart at all. Some folks have started to question my training a bit. They wonder if it might bring about over training issues. Fatigue has been the big issue. Though my legs feel fine on most days, my mind does not. I am always looking to nap. I have felt stronger over the course of the past two weeks. In the end, I think I will pull it all together. So, here are my build up to Boston goals:

  1. Get my weight down to 145 lbs. With 70 days left, I should be able to do this.
  2. Speaking of diet, I am still trying to improve mine; it is better of late. I hope to focus more on nuts, fruits, and cereals throughout the day.
  3. Incorporate more core work, weights, and hills.
  4. Inject 1 to 3 mile interval runs at marathon goal pace into two weekly runs
  5. Start visualizing success. Seeing that wall pushed back to mile 27, as I aim for a 2:50 ish time.
  6. More simulated runs. I did a better job this past weekend as I look to go through my pre-race day and race day routines, such meals, sleep, and water consumption.
  7. Learn from my two tune-up races in Austin and Seabrook. Austin is the more important one since it is two months off from Boston.
  8. Take care of myself (ice, ice baby).
  9. Consults others who have done the course. Listen to their advice. I am going to Boston to race, not celebrate being there.
  10. Relax.