2o miles felt like 40 today. I kept to my Coach P’s suggestion of an easy 20% of marathon pace for the first 10 miles, but I was unable to turn on the burners during the second half. The last 10 miles were tough, but not as tough as the last 3 miles. My pace did pick up, but not as fast as I wanted.

In the end, I was not happy with my training performance today. Legs started to hurt. Mind was gone. But, the motivation was sorta there. I still have a long way to go before the Boston Marathon. My body is struggling a great deal. I am always tired and feel that I need more naps in order to get through Coach P’s schedule. Some days I feel fast, but most days my legs feel like they weigh a ton. I cannot recall the last time I really felt my legs. Tomorrow I have two 10 mile runs, which I intend on running slowly.

Total Miles today: 20